The Really, Really Free Market

This entry was started on 4/2/17.

Having moved several times in my life (once at 10, the next at 13, then 22, and all the ones following, including to Yellowstone twice for seasonal work and from Las Cruces to Albuquerque), I have managed to shave down a few of my worldly possessions (although there’s still a storage unit worth of stuff back in Cruces that will most likely end up in another storage unit up in ‘Burque).

That being said, in the process of starting to pack in earnest, we’re selling some of our stuff, donating what we can, and throwing out some junk.

Today we were going to head out to run some errands before I went and met with an SCA friend. I had started piling some random junk into a re-usable shopping bag when a notification from Facebook popped up on my phone: The Really, Really Free Market starts in 59 minutes.

I had rsvped to the event about a month ago because the concept intrigued me. I’m all about barter, but this wasn’t a barter/trade market. You literally brought stuff or offered a service, for free, and that was it. No money exchanged, no nada.

So we went.

The park was crowded, but there was a sense of joy in the air. We parked the car, grabbed our bag of junk and headed into he fray.

First of all, it made me pleased as punch to see that I am not the only one that hoards random junk with the intention of “just in case” or “I can use this for a project” and then it just sits in your closet until you find it after two months of finding it. There was all kinds of stuff: books, clothes, free bike repair, computer consultations, massages, cake, guitar lessons and more.

It reawakened my sense of community that I’ve been missing since we left Las Cruces. Growing up in the second largest city in NM, the city still has a small town feel that I miss. The Farmer’s Market there is absolutely one of the best ones I have ever been to, and it’s a really awesome place even for someone who has lived there most of their life.

Albuquerque, while I love it, sometimes gets lost in the hugeness of the city. I have my circles, I have my friends – but the city is so large and I miss being able to walk through a market and look around.

I was really impressed by a lot of stuff that they had, and I saw some things that reminded me of my childhood (oh Rainbow Brite!). I also got to see my friends Dharma and Kate, and Kate’s cat Loiosh (you can follow them both on Twitter @VagabondTabby).

It was a really nice event, and I think after things settle down from the move, we’re going to try and attend more community events outside of the SCA and other stuff.