My name is Christian. I’m a writer, crafter, performer and all around goofy guy who is passionately devoted to his family, his life and his art.

I am a female to male transgender man. This means I identify as a gender different from the one I was assigned at birth. I have been living as a guy full time since January 2014. I had my name legally changed in December 2014, and began hormone treatments in December 2015. I am working towards a goal of top surgery within the year, after I kick my nicotine habit completely (fingers crossed). No, I will not be getting bottom surgery. I am mostly ok with my bottom bits.

I am queer. The technical term is pansexual, and if we really wanted to get into it, it’s gyno-romantic homosexual. That means other than my wife, who I have sex with on a semi-regular basis, I am only romantically attracted to women, and sexually attracted to men. So there’s that.

I am polyamorous. I am in a committed, open marriage with my wife, with the option to date and develop relationships with other people. Currently not dating someone else specifically, but the option is there (and the same goes for my wife).

I am married. Got hitched on December 13th, 2016. My wife is amazing.

I am kinky. That means I engage in consensual BDSM lifestyle and acts. I identify as a switch, which means I can either top or bottom.

I’m a medieval geek. I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is an organization devoted to the recreation of medieval culture and combat. I am a bard, scribe and apprentice. I have a blog dedicated to my SCA activities: http://justasimplewarrior.wordpress.com

I am a published author on Kindle Direct Publishing. I also am a freelance YouTuber and performer.

This blog will contain anything relating to the subjects above, and more. Buckle up and hang on. It’s one hell of a ride.