I Like To Research, ok?

If you decide to ever look at my search history at any given point in time, you might see a various range of topics.

For example, right now I have Pinterest open to research Roman garb (for more info on that adventure check out my SCA blog), I am watching nail art videos, and there’s a few research books open for various ideas.

When I used to imagine myself as a grown up, I would see myself in a dusty library, surrounded by books and scrolls as I patiently copied down… something, in my notes.

Imagine my glee when Gandalf did exactly that in the first LOTR movie.


All the knowledge!!!! *drools*

But I digress.

I research everything that I can, whether it’s related to the SCA, or perhaps something that might become useful in a story, or even another context. I can’t think of how many times I’ve used some bit of seemingly useless information to get myself out of a jam.

So whether I’m writing a story, in the middle of the road in Wyoming (that’s a story for another time) or just killing time between projects, just call me the research man.