An Update, and the 24 Hour Short Story Contest.

Morning everyone!

I am still alive. Life kinda went kablooey, and in between all of that I got married (whoo!), attended my first two big SCA events (yay!), adopted a new dog (she’s so cute!), changed jobs (oy…), was the volunteer coordinator for a local fetish/kink conference (so much work but worth it!), started my drag career (whoo!) annnnd we’re moving to a new apartment (ugh but yay!).

This morning, I am writing because I discovered the 24 Hour Short Story Contest, which is put on by WritersWeekly.Com.

The basic point of the contest is I have 24 hours to write a short story based on their guidelines. If I make it in to the top 3, I have a chance at a cash prize and the chance to be published in their weekly magazine with all right therein.

There’s only one problem: it costs money for me to enter, and everything that I have been making so far doing odd jobs while I look for a grown up job goes to our move.


I would love, love, love it if someone donated towards my entry into the contest. I have my Patreon, which you can find on my “Where to Find Me” page. I can also accept donations via my paypal,

They’re only allowing 500 entrants, so I don’t have a ton of time. There will be other contests, of course, but this one sounds like a ton of fun.

Thanks everyone!